Personality Secrets – 8 Strategies For Enhancing Relationships With Oranges

Below are eight specific strategies to enhance relationships with Orange people. All eight ideas were generated after interviewing thousands of people who possess an Orange (SP) temperament.

1. Recognize their talents
Oranges as a group tend to be more talented and skillful than other personality types. Perhaps this is because they enjoy doing a particular activity so much that they master it by sheer repetition. Whatever the reason, it’s important to recognize their expertise. More so than other colors, Oranges need immediate recognition for their performances. They rely on those around them to validate how they feel. It’s one of their primary sources of self-esteem. If they don’t receive this external approval, they’ll try other ways or other sources to get what they need–which may not be a good thing.

2. Be optimistic and friendly
This is usually simple to do because it’s almost impossible to be pessimistic or depressed around an Orange. Most of them have an effervescent personality that makes you feel exhilarated just by being around them. So don’t even try to talk about negative things. Dwell on positive, light-hearted, and encouraging things. Don’t be dreary; don’t be gloomy. Much can be learned from adopting the Orange’s positive perspective on life.

3. Don’t tie them down
Those who have tried to force an Orange into a tightly controlled environment know the futility of such an action. An Orange can’t be contained any more than the wind can be bottled-up. However, if you’re in a situation where you’re leading an Orange or rearing an Orange child, help him set his own limits and teach him the ramifications of exceeding them. Explain how the consequences of breaking the rules will result in the loss of personal freedom. Once he understands, give him the room to make his own choices and govern himself.

4. Appreciate their humor
Oranges have a remarkable sense of humor. Many of them are natural entertainers and are ready to perform at a moment’s notice. Some of the world’s greatest comedians are Orange or Orange-Green. Take advantage of the Orange’s unique outlook on life. They give many people pleasure and enjoyment. Don’t be too quick to dismiss their behaviors as “childish” and “trivial.” Enjoy their playful dispositions.

5. Be competitive and energetic
Many Oranges seem to have a competitive nature. They, like the Golds, often battle other people to become “king of the hill.” However, unlike the Golds, they aren’t motivated by the need to dominate or reign. They just want to play the game with as much gusto as it takes. If they happen to win because of their performance, that’s even better. They play because they enjoy playing. They don’t take themselves or the game too seriously. So when you play with an Orange, expect to be seriously challenged, but don’t make a big deal out of winning or losing; try to be a good sport.

6. Value their need for excitement
Oranges are active people. Like most people, they prefer to spend their time doing fun and entertaining things. But for them, fun and entertaining things require lots of action, adventure, thrills, and physical pleasures. So, if you want to spend time with an Orange, be prepared to jump into a lifestyle that’s packed with activity and demands lots of energy.

Because of their energetic approach to life, Oranges often get more things accomplished faster than most people. They agree with the saying, “When I work, I work hard. When I play, I play hard.” Don’t get in their way when they’re working. Don’t bog them down with a lot of detailed planning or impose a structure that’s too confining. Then, as soon as they complete the job, make sure they’re immediately rewarded for their performance.

Historically, American culture has been dominated by Gold values, attitudes, and behaviors. So it’s easy to criticize Oranges for their carefree and fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants lifestyle–the exact opposite of the Gold lifestyle. But they’re not strangers to that kind of criticism. They’ve heard it most of their lives, and it hasn’t been helpful; in fact, it has probably driven a deeper wedge between the Orange and Gold temperaments. So rather than condemning Orange lifestyles, learn to appreciate their strengths and tolerate their differences. Of course, the same can be said of all personality types.

7. Expect the unexpected
If you’re going to form a relationship with an Orange, be prepared for the unexpected. Oranges are not predictable except in their unpredictability. As long as you don’t feel too uncomfortable with the situation, consider going along with what the Orange wants to do. They like doing things without forethought or planning. They live on their impulses.

Oranges are naturally generous and lavish givers, regardless of whether or not they have something to give. If they have the resources, they will host the most extravagant dinners, throw the wildest parties, and give the largest presents. If they don’t have the resources, they will still give you half of what they have, even if they’re down to their last loaf of bread. Compliment their generous natures. Admire their desire to share what they have. But don’t take advantage of it or rely on it–Oranges are also whimsical, and can change their minds in a flash.

8. Get involved and take risks
Because Oranges seek variety and want to experience what the world has to offer, they constantly seek new adventures and new thrills. They crave adventure. They live for danger. They don’t mind putting their lives on the line. They want to test their skills and prove their abilities.

These attitudes can be extremely distressing to Gold, Blue, and Green individuals. If you talk about rules and regulations or harp on consequences, the Orange will usually ignore you. The last thing Oranges want is a wet blanket dampening their fun. Besides, more likely than not, they already know the consequences. However, if you’re in a supervisory role, and the Oranges want to go off and do something legal but dangerous, you can do several things.

First, help them practice their skills in a safe setting until they can demonstrate competence. Second, try to accompany them as an active participant. Third, quietly make safety precautions and design emergency plans to satisfy your own needs. Nevertheless, be aware that if an emergency actually occurs, chances are the Oranges will end up rescuing you.


8 Dirty Secrets to Foreplay BEFORE You Enter the Room

You’re an adult…of COURSE you know what foreplay is. You have some background with the female anatomy. You realize that even though your rocket ship is ready to launch with as little as a 2 second thought about sex, she needs stimulation.

Remember when you got her REALLY hot and bothered? Sure there has been good sex and great sex. I’m sure that even with minimal foreplay and a steamy encounter, you’ve managed to have great sex.

Here’s a tip on how to have GREAT and even “Off the Chart” phenomenal sex. Surprise! It has nothing to do with your endowment or your breath (although that helps) No, stud…the secret to having phenomenal sex is 100% psychological.

Men think with their penis and women think with their heart. In order for you two to connect and really have a satisfying sex life, you HAVE to speak to her heart.

Below are 8 surefire ideas to get her hot and bothered BEFORE you enter the room. Once you do any number of these, prepare to be attacked by a very passionate lady.

1. Leave post-it notes around the room that are ROMANTIC. Profess your undying love, dedication, and attraction to her. Leave out your penis size please. Think “Chick Flick” not porn here. Proper words and gestures are critical to cracking the female mind.

2. Send her flowers for NO reason whatsoever. Statistics show that 99.3% of all flower orders are for a specific occasion or season. Less than 1% of studs out there realize that a $25 flower arrangement “just because” has more power than a month supply of that “blue pill.”

3. Tell one of her friends how much you adore her and love her. Don’t be obvious here. Next time you are at a party or event and you find yourself talking to one of her friends, mention how lucky you are and how you put your girl on a pedestal. Word will get back to your squeeze and hello, she’ll be all over you!

4. Do a chore around the house WITHOUT being asked. Next time the game comes on and you are all set to relax and watch your favorite team pound the daylights out of their rivals, take a moment and PURPOSELY miss the first 4-5 minutes of the game. Pick one of your honey-do items and get it done. (You’ve already set the Tivo-right?) When she sees that you’ve sacrificed even a few minutes of your favorite past time for her, she’ll melt.

5. Ask her about her day and REALLY listen. I know…this may be pretty tough, but give it a try. She might not instantly want to jump in the sack, but the long term effects will surely begin. Don’t try to solve ANY problem she talks about. Just listen, nod your head, and act like a girl. She won’t think you’ve gone gay, buddy. But she will be shocked at your metrosexual understanding and compassion.

6. Schedule one-on-one time with your kids. This has the added benefit of actually being fun! You get serious double points for taking one of your daughters shopping or your son to the zoo. When your bride sees a pro-active father, their confidence and security goes up. It really melts her heart. Don’t ever talk about how cool you are, by the way. It dilutes the sincerity of what you are suppposed to do anyway, you workaholic!

7. Draw a bubble bath, leave rose petals on the bedroom floor, light some candles and get out of the way! When you set up that relaxing and romantic atmosphere you should NOT expect to get lucky. She can smell that set up a mile away. Just PAMPER her! If you honestly do not expect to get any action from this sanctuary of peace, you are MORE likely to actually get it! Any anticipated “payback” makes the gesture seem cheap and contrived.

8. Send her (and a female friend for bonus points) to a spa for 1/2 or full day. If you have the means, don’t put any restriction on the services or amount they can spend. This gesture is a 100% home run for your sex life. She will come back feeling and looking sexier than ever. If you are on a budget, ask her what she wants but has never done. If that mud massage or facial is something she’s only dreamed about, make her dream come true. (Depending on your skills, do what you can to get that FULL wax job on her. You will both benefit from that service, I guarantee it!)

Get the idea, Chuck? When you are sincere, generous, and a little bit more in touch with the feminine mind, you will melt her heart even when you are not around. Speaking her language is the key to increased connection in your relationship and more satisfying sex. Most women have HUGE sex drives and tremendous passion. Your key to unlocking it is simply to take your time, be generous, and be gentle. Relax, my friend….she will be begging for you nightly before you know it.


Gracious Thank You Notes For Wedding Gifts

In this day of email and text messaging, an actual handwritten note on proper stationery is a rare treat, indeed. However, this is just what your wedding guests deserve in thanks for the gifts that they give you. As the art of writing a proper thank you note is a dying one, here is a refresher for anyone who could use some pointers on writing gracious thank you notes for their wedding gifts.

The most important thing when it comes to thank you notes is to actually write them! For each and every gift, no matter how large or small, fabulous or hideous. Promptly. In your best handwriting on good stationery. If this sounds like too much effort, just think about how much longer it took the guest to purchase and send you a gift. By comparison, a few minutes to dash off a note is really nothing.

With that out of the way, we can move on to the specifics. First is that each thank you note must be personalized, at least a little. This is why pre-printed generic thank yous set at each place setting at the wedding reception (“Thank you for sharing our wedding day and for your kind gift.”) are an atrocity. A proper thank you note need not be long (those little notecards are mercifully small), but it does need to be addressed to the donor by name and it should also mention the particular gift that they gave.

This is a sample of a basic thank you note that you could use for most gifts: “Dear Mr. Martin, Thank you so much for the beautiful place setting of our china. Todd and I are really looking forward to entertaining on our lovely dishes. We hope that you will be among our first dinner guests when we get back from our honeymoon in Tahiti. It was wonderful to see you at our wedding, thanks so much for coming. Sincerely, Susan Jones Gerber

If the guest is a close relative, or did something to make your wedding special, you can certainly mention it in the thank you note for the wedding gift. For instance, you might add in a line saying, “Thank you for letting me wear your pearl bridal jewelry for my wedding, Aunt Sarah. I got so many compliments on the pearl strand, and it was such a pleasure to tell everyone that it was the same bridal jewelry that you wore when you married Uncle Fred.” Or to your sister-in-law who did a reading during your ceremony, you might say, “The reading that you did at our ceremony was lovely. Henry and I were so glad that you could be a special part of our wedding.”. It is just as important to thank people for their non-monetary contributions to your wedding.

Cash gifts are becoming more and more common, and they often present a dilemma to the newlyweds when it comes to writing the thank you notes. The basic formula is actually fairly straightforward. You do not name the specific amount of the cash or check present in your note. Instead, you thank the donor for their gift, by saying, “Thank you for your (thoughtful, kind, generous, extremely generous – going up the scale from smallest to largest amount of money) gift.” Then go on to say how you used it or plan to use it, based on the approximate buying power of the size of the check. If someone gave you $50, for instance, you might say, “Your gift allowed us to complete our wedding china set, for which we are grateful. We will think of your generosity every time that we eat on our china.”, or something like that. In this situation, politeness is more important than brutal honesty, so if you lost the $50 at the roulette table on your honeymoon, thank them for the china anyway!


How to Write Your Wedding Thank You Notes – Proper Etiquette

How to Write Your Wedding Thank You Notes – Proper Etiquette
Gift giving is customary to honor and celebrate the commitment of a marriage. And who doesn’t love to receive gifts, especially wedding gifts? Here is an opportunity for the bride and groom to exchange a simple thank you note with a usually more than generous wedding gift. All the more important to make the thank you note count.

A good wedding note begins with an attitude. Approach it with the understanding that receiving gifts is a privilege and not an entitlement. Then proceed with the notes with the same forethought you took in the rest of your wedding plans.

Staying Organized:

Use the same list you used for your wedding invitations. Make sure you have a helper who is next to you when you open your gifts who will jot down the gift that everybody gave. This is essential in the thank you note. Every note should make mention of the specific gift that was given. Consider ordering specialized thank you notes that have an embedded picture from your wedding day. Send the notes out in a timely manner and remember that thank you notes should always be sent out no later than four weeks after you receive the gift or that you return from your honeymoon.

Proper Etiquette:

Notes should note only be sent out for gifts but also for those who devoted time to helping with the wedding. Personalize the notes by hand writing them for each individual present or gift of time. Both the bride and groom should be mentioned but only one person should write and sign the thank you card. Always mention gratitude and some way the gift will be used.

“Dear Grandma Karen,

Craig and I thank you so much for the lovely picture frame. It will fit perfectly over our fireplace and we are glad to have a part of you in our home. Thank you for being such a special part of our wedding.”

Gifts of Money:

When thanking somebody for a monetary gift always mention what the money will be used for. Sometimes it is better avoid mentioning the amount, but sometimes may be appropriate.

“Dear John & Laura,

Thank you for your generous gift. Chad and I are saving for a new car and your contribution will help us get the car sooner than expected. When we buy it, we will make sure and stop by and let you take a test drive. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you.”

Gifts Received From Those Who Didn’t Make The Wedding:

“Dear Aunt Jean

Thank you so much for the bread maker, Mary and I look forward to baking fresh bread together. We are sorry you weren’t able to make it to our special day and we missed you both. Thanks again and we will see you soon”

Gifts Received From Those Who Weren’t Invited To the Wedding:

“Dear Mike and Ellie,

Thank you both so much for movies and popcorn treats. John and I look forward to using them on our first date as a married couple. Thanks again for being so thoughtful through this special time of our lives.”